Real-Time E-Management

For Mass Casualty Incidents Disasters

SICAD Concept

Constant and reliable communication is the core element for the proper management of mass casualty incidents and disasters.

Having multiple communicators on site and remotely using cluttered radio channels may lead to slow information traffic and unwanted errors with an impact on the rescue effort.

A well designed integrated communications system can relieve the radio channels and structure the information flow according to the specific needs of each participant.

SICAD - the Integrated Communications System for Mass Casualty Incidents and Disasters is a complete e-management solution developed by SeeNova Plus that handles all information trafficked during a large scale event, both medical and operational, optimizing the information exchange among all participants.

SICAD is a powerful integrated system consisting of the SICAD MOBILE APP and the SICAD WEB-BASED APPS for: 112 Dispatches, Hospitals, Analysis performing real-time multi-user event assessment, setup, monitoring, analysis and reporting.